Alison MacLean

On December 1st, 2006, Alison Stokes MacLean died peacefully at her home in Maryland. Alison and her husband Dr. Paul MacLean spent summers on Grindstone Island on a point of land bordered by Flynn Bay known as Rockledge. Alison and Paul brought the concept of land conservation to Grindstone Island by conserving their island farm of almost 200 acres. It was by conserving her land in the early 80s that led to the Trust for Public Land Mid-Atlantic Regional Vice President, Rose Harvey spending a day in a boat with Camilla Smith and Ken Deedy discussing something called a land trust.

Alison and Paul’s work in conservation began when they donated an easement on land they owned in Maryland. Recognizing the need for conservation on the River, they donated a conservation easement on Rockledge to the Trust For Public Land and convinced their friend and neighbor, Dr. Josephine Murray, to do the same on her property. Josephine also conserved her beloved Mid River Farm and joined Alison, Ken, Camilla and others in founding the Thousand Islands Land Trust in 1985. Alison served on the Board of Trustees until 1998, having suffered a major stroke several years before, she retired as trustee emeritus along with her friend Josephine. We will miss her dearly.


Alison & Paul MacLean

Alison & Paul MacLean

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